Mobile ID: A single solution for login, digital signatures and statements of intent

Would you like to be able to log in to websites and portals securely without a complicated procedure? Trigger digital signatures or verify requests?

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A good solution for everybody

  • Private customers

    You too can use Mobile ID to log in online more conveniently, securely and quickly, sign digitally or express your will. Simply authenticate with your mobile phone. All major mobile phone providers in Switzerland provide their customers with Mobile ID-compatible SIM cards. In addition, Mobile ID can be used with the Mobile ID App regardless of the provider.

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  • Business customers

    Enhance the security of your solutions while improving your user experience. The aim is to optimize your business objectives. Using Mobile ID also provides you with access to the eID ecosystem and enables you to issue digital signatures and authorizations. And it is all based on one of the most secure two-factor authentication solutions available on the market.

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How does it work?

1. Activate Mobile ID on your SIM card or via Mobile ID App
2. Pair Mobile ID with the desired service
3. The web has become more secure and convenient for you
Integrate it into your solution
Mobile ID is part of something bigger

The key to a whole new world

Mobile ID is part of the ID, signature and key ecosystem that is set to redefine online business.


An electronic signature allows you to provide a legally binding online signature. This is a core aspect of digitization and enables all manner of contracts to be concluded. There’s no need to print anything out, send letters or scan documents – an electronic signature keeps everything digital.


An eID is designed to ensure secure identification online. The ability to securely prove your identity online opens up a world of new web-based opportunities. From conducting official business and using health care services to concluding contracts in combination with a digital signature or buying a mobile subscription – eID can be used for a range of transactions.


When transferring sensitive data or concluding an important business deal, maximum security and ease of use are critical. As a KEY, Mobile ID does both – and it is based on one of the most secure two-factor authentication solutions available on the market.


  • Unified

    In addition to the provider-independent APP, Mobile ID is also the joint solution of the mobile phone providers. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to log in on all participating websites.

  • Secure

    Mobile ID unites physical and digital protection. It is one of the world’s most secure two-phase authentication processes.

  • Convenient

    Log in without additional auxiliary devices. Thanks to Mobile ID, you only need your smartphone. With just one number, you have access to your private and business accounts.

  • Device indepent

    Mobile ID supports both Apple iOS and Android (app version). With the SIM card-based version of Mobile ID you can also use any device and operating system (Microsoft Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian).


Postfinance now supports Mobile ID free of charge!

Access your e-finance services through Mobile ID. You can now log in easily and securely with Mobile ID instead of your card reader.

Mobile ID now also available for Salt!

The wait has paid off. Salt customers can now use Mobile ID with immediate effect. All major Swiss mobile network operators now support Mobile ID.

Where can I use Mobile ID?

The digital login, signature and verification service lets you benefit from a wide range of websites, apps, tools and services – and the process is the same each time. The list of providers and portals is growing all the time:

  • Company Applications

    • Remote Desktop
    • VPN
    • B2B Portals
    • CRM / ERP Systems
    • Intranet Applications
  • Client Portals

    • E-Banking
    • E-Health
    • E-Shopping
    • Web Portals
    • Mobile Apps
    • Cloud Services
    • Extranet-Applications
  • Government Portals

    • E-Government
    • Citizen Portals
    ZH Services

Clients who trust us

«Mobile ID is the clever response to changed customer behaviour.»


«Mobile ID is the clever response to changed customer behaviour. It allows logging in to e-banking (E-Finance) from PostFinance regardless of location and time, which meets a major customer requirement in the increasing mobility of our times.

Secure, easy and always with you on your mobile phone – Mobile ID is an innovative authentication solution that fits our service concept extremely well and meets the highest security requirements. We owe this to our 1.5 million E-Finance customers.

  • PostFinance
  • ajila
  • ZH Services
  • Swisscom
  • GSMA
  • KPMG
  • Zühlke
  • Ergon
  • Dialog
  • abacus
  • daura
  • privasphere
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