Client stories

  • summary alabus

    alabus, à la Carte Business Solution, is a Swiss software company that offers standard software solutions for the financial services industry (insurance companies / insurance brokers / associations, block chain) and adapts them individually to the needs of the customers. In the login process we successfully use the 2-factor authentication method of Mobile-ID to provide secure access to applications and portals.

  • summary postfinance

    «Mobile ID is the clever response to changed customer behaviour. It allows logging in to e-banking (E-Finance) from PostFinance regardless of location and time, which meets a major customer requirement in the increasing mobility of our times. Secure, easy and always with you on your mobile phone – Mobile ID is an innovative authentication solution that fits our service concept extremely well and meets the highest security requirements. We owe this to our 1.5 million E-Finance customers.»

  • summary digitaldeals

    Digital.Deals is a unique service developed by Swisscom, Adobe and ajila for digitizing business transactions. All business processes can be mapped digitally – right through to legally binding digital signatures on contracts. The integration of Mobile ID provides customers with an essential tool that allows requests to be authenticated digitally.

  • summary daura

    For SMEs and start-ups, increases in capital pose significant challenges. The OTC equity market is often not accessible. daura, the blockchain application developed by Swisscom and law firm MME, makes the process for issuing and transferring Swiss shares across digital channels more efficient and secure. Securities can be transferred using digitally certified signatures, and Mobile ID can be used to authorize access to the share register.

  • summary wingo

    Launched in April 2015, Wingo is an innovative telecommunications brand that operates solely online. It offers top performance at affordable prices via the Swisscom network. Wingo has provided its customers with added value in the form of Mobile ID-compatible SIM cards for a long time now, thus supporting the most secure and most convenient two-factor authentication method in Switzerland.

  • summary abacus

    Abacus is a Swiss software company with more than 380 employees, and has been developing quality business software for more than three decades. Mobile ID is the proven, secure login option offered by Abacus to its customers for the company’s applications and web-based tools.

  • summary swisscom

    Around 20,000 employees at the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland use Mobile ID to log in to various business applications. Swisscom switched exclusively to Mobile ID for its password reset process in 2017. Swisscom has also offered its customers the option of a highly secure two-factor authentication login via Mobile ID for its online center for several years.

  • summary privasphere

    PrivaSphere is the federally recognized delivery platform for electronic legal transactions and the secure, confidential exchange of data via e-mail. With PrivaSphere, administrations and companies of all sizes and from a wide variety of industries can communicate spontaneously and securely via the Internet without installing software or hardware. In combination with the Mobile ID, authentication processes can be simplified and consistent, efficient and binding communication processes established, tailored to your individual needs.