Mobile ID – the joint solution from Switzerland’s mobile network operators

Roadmap and History

Mobile ID has come a long way since it first came onto the market. We now support all major mobile providers in Switzerland and have significantly expanded our customer base. Our journey is now set to become even more interesting: Mobile ID is the key to an ecosystem of services that will change the way we do business online forever. Together with an electronic ID and digital signature, Mobile ID is becoming even more efficient. In addition to the exceptional level of security, the authorization and authentication options are increasing. As this ecosystem develops, so our journey continues to gather speed.

Who is behind Mobile ID?

Do you want to log in to websites and portals securely but without the complicated procedure? Swiss cellular telephone providers have developed Mobile ID for this. Our process is quick, simple and offers the highest level of protection.

  • Swisscom
  • Sunrise
  • Salt
  • Swisscom is the largest telecommunications company in Switzerland. Swisscom provides and manages the technical infrastructure behind Mobile ID.

  • Sunrise Communications AG is the second largest telecommunications company in Switzerland. Sunrise has supported Mobile ID since 2014.

  • Salt is the third largest telecommunications company in Switzerland. Salt has been affiliated with Mobile ID since spring 2018.

Other mobile phone providers offering Mobile ID

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