The key to a new world

More than ever before, people expect quick, simple and secure digital processes. The fewer steps such a process contains, the more likely it is to be fully completed. Whether this process involves opening a bank account, concluding a leasing contract, ordering a mobile phone contract or dealing with the authorities – the digital era requires it to be uncomplicated, quick and secure.

Mobile ID redefines business processes

Transferring sensitive data requires the utmost security and user-friendliness. Against all expectations, however, many business processes today are still fragmented and characterized by media discontinuities. While many users are now baffled when a company fails to digitalize, companies themselves often find the need to reshape processes and fully digitalize a real challenge. Entrenched structures and corporate strategies must be rethought.

Paperless processes are the future

Meeting these growing demands means harmonizing changes in user behavior with the available technologies. Thanks to strong partnerships, Mobile ID is able to close these gaps and redefine business processes.

Media discontinuities, waiting times and unnecessary costs can be avoided without having to compromise security. In combination with electronic identity and digital signatures, Mobile ID enables access to a new world and transforms the way business is conducted online.